Art Therapy

Nature Therapy Carried Me Through Cancer Treatment

For Rex Jones, being outdoors and exploring nature brought him strength and emotional well-being while he fought Hodgkin lymphoma.
August 2020 Vol 6 No 4
Rex Jones
Roy, Utah

Nature therapy is a big part of how I made it emotionally through cancer treatment. Getting outside, enjoying the fresh air, and taking a break from the clinics and hospital visits made a world of difference to me when undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma, beginning in August 2019.

These 3 photos were taken on different outings during my cancer treatment. The first photo is a unique spot I discovered in the Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada. The self-portrait was taken in Monument Valley. The third image is a cave I explored in the California desert.

I would encourage all my fellow patients with cancer and cancer survivors to try to get outside whenever possible, to give yourselves a true break from the hospitals and clinics.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.
Rex Jones at Monument Valley.
California desert.

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