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Viktoria Romanova created this oil painting for her friend’s daughter’s art exhibition that raised awareness to breast cancer, and dedicated it to her friends and all others who have been fighting breast cancer.
October 2020 Vol 6 No 5
Viktoria Romanova
Altadena, California
Amazon Warrior, 2018.

This painting is dedicated to my dear friends, and to all the women who fight breast cancer. My friend’s daughter, Sharon Chappell, organized an art show for breast cancer awareness during her chemotherapy for breast cancer, and I created this painting especially for that exhibition. This painting is oil on canvas. I use geometrical structures to organize pictorial space and express my love of architecture.

Sharon was my inspiration. While she was sick, she started an amazing program for children whose parents were affected by all types of cancer, and she published a book, Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic, to support those kids and help parents with cancer. To learn more about this, visit

A few months after Sharon was free of breast cancer, her mother and my closest friend, Therese Verner, was also diagnosed with breast cancer; she too won the battle. In 2020 Sharon had a double mastectomy. I am very grateful to have these strong, beautiful, talented women in my life; they will be my heroes forever!

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