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Life as Scary Monsters, or Big C & Lil’ c

Zack Luchetti, who has been teaching art remotely in the past year, initially thought he had COVID-19, then appendicitis, only to be told he had colon cancer. His 2 paintings represent a self-portrait of encouragement and the tie between cancer and coronavirus.
April 2021 Vol 7 No 2
Zack Luchetti
Myrphys, California
Big C and Lil’ c.
The Struggle.

I recently was diagnosed with colon cancer. I thought I was sick with COVID-19, then appendicitis, but then I was told it was cancer.

I have been taking art seriously since I was 17 years old. I briefly wondered if all the years of my exposure to different art supplies or photo chemicals may have played a part in my cancer diagnosis, but this was impossible to know. I don’t see myself giving up creating art, and I like to use traditional materials. I usually look for the “ASTM” non-toxic label, which confirms that the supplies I use don’t carry health hazards, in accordance with the federal Labeling Hazardous Art Material Act.

I also teach art, which has been an interesting challenge the past year to do remotely. Getting my art featured in CONQUER magazine is an important psychological boost for me.

“The Struggle” is a self-portrait of encouragement that depicts the trials and tribulations of all life struggles as scary monsters.

“Big C and Lil’ c” suggests that “Big C” (cancer) is always on its grind, but “Lil’ c” (coronavirus) has been getting all the shine in the past year. Although the coronavirus should be taken seriously, all the other diseases, such as cancer, have not disappeared.

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