October 2021 Vol 7 No 5

Survivors in Oz
SurvivorshipBreast Cancer
Cancer survivorship can be a strange and confusing road to navigate. Long-term survivor Judy Pearson offers advice on post-treatment questions and how to find positivity in the darkness.
Two Conversations
Breast CancerPatient Stories
Chattiness can be contagious, which was the case in the infusion room when Mary Trouba struck a conversation with a woman called Cheryl; it turned the room into a safe space for all to share experiences. Sadly, Mary died before this article was published.
Both Sides of the Cancer Story
Patient AdvocacyBreast Cancer
Nicole Fuller went from being on the patient side of breast cancer to becoming an oncology navigator and advocate, cancer exercise specialist, and motivational speaker. This is her story.
Our Second Family-Hosted Pre-Komen Cancer Awareness Walk During COVID-19
Breast Cancer
This year, again, Susan G. Komen Walks around the country had to adapt to COVID-19 and the theme of “Walk Where You Are.” Breast cancer survivor Ginger Modiri and her husband took these changes in stride, gathering with family and friends for the event.
Sharing Our 3 Stories as Breast Cancer Survivors
Book ReviewsBreast CancerSurvivorship
In Hope Among Us, Rhonda, Jennifer, and Mari share their personal experiences with cancer and interview family members for their insights on how the disease affects all facets of life.
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