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Superstitions Mountains Allegorical Painting

Douglas Herman, who has been diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, describes his beautiful painting of the Superstitions Mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona, which symbolizes the link between man and nature and paying tribute to his mom, who passed away from melanoma, and whose ashes were scattered there.
December 2021 Vol 7 No 6
Douglas Alan Herman
Tempe, Arizona
Superstitions Allegorical Painting.

What began as a portrayal of the Superstitions Mountains (a rugged mountain range east of Phoenix, Arizona) surrounded by spring wildflowers became an allegorical offering, almost a reconciliation, between man and nature. I wanted the Native American warrior, with his extended arm, to symbolize passage and peace. The dove symbolizes all of us, flying free in many forms.

I also wanted the painting to be a tribute to my mom, who passed away 43 years ago from melanoma, and whose ashes were scattered from the loftiest plateau in the Superstitions Mountains. And the flowers in the foreground are perhaps where my own ashes may rest eventually. (I have been diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer.) I am offering this painting in a charity auction called “Art 4 Agua.” This is an acrylic painting done on a plywood panel.

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