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Cancer Survivor Mindset Makeover

At first, Tiffany Easley was overcome by anger that cancer robbed her of her childhood. She soon realized that she had to change her mindset to embrace survivorship; she created a 3-part strategy based on the concept of “Mindset Makeover” to turn a negative mindset upside down.
April 2022 Vol 8 No 2
Tiffany Easley
Dallas, Texas
Ovarian cancer survivor

Receiving a cancer diagnosis unlocks a myriad of emotions—fear, anxiety, confusion, and often frustration becomes an all-too-familiar emotion experienced daily during your cancer journey.

I will be the first to share that as I got older, I felt angry about my cancer journey. I was angry because cancer robbed me of my childhood, my ability to reproduce, and frankly cancer forced me to recreate my own life.

Experiencing these emotions, however, helped me realize that my mind was “fixed” on all these emotions. Over time, I realized that after all that cancer took from me, I was allowing it to take my mindset, too, and I refused to let that happen.

Our Mindset

Mindset is a fixed state of mind. I was allowing my mind to remain fixed on all that cancer took from me—forgetting that I survived it.

Surviving cancer is a “Win” to be celebrated. Surviving cancer is a “Win,” and an opportunity to help other people “Win.”

Once I accepted surviving cancer as a personal “Win,” I realized I definitely needed a mindset makeover, to be able to keep my mind fixed on the “Win” instead of on all the other emotions. Soon, I created a 3-part strategy, based on the concept known as the Mindset Makeover.

Mindset Makeover

The Mindset Makeover, as defined by Tiffany R. Easley Enterprises (, consists of the concepts of your authenticity, boldness, and clarity. For every cancer survivor, this strategy may help you to fix your mind on your “Win,” even in the middle of your fight with cancer. Let’s take a closer look at the components of this strategy.

Your Authenticity

You are unique, and standing in your authenticity helps you to own your personal cancer survivor story. Your cancer survivor story is powerful and can help other people. Own and share your authentic story, using your authentic and powerful voice.

Your Boldness

Boldness will help you step into your authenticity. Activating your boldness can help you find strength to share your story, even while fighting cancer. Your cancer survivor story can help other people “Win,” as well as inspire them to focus on the positive.

Your Clarity

After tapping into your authenticity and your boldness, you will find clarity around your survivor story. This clarity will help you to maintain a positive mindset as you share your cancer survivor story with others.

Remember—your mindset will help you “Win” when you decide to embrace your authenticity, boldness, and clarity along your journey with cancer.

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Last modified: April 20, 2022

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