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Finding Peace Through Painting

US Air Force veteran and cancer survivor Stanislaw Slanda shares 3 exquisite paintings that capture the beauty of light and shadow.
February 2023 Vol 9 No 1
Stanislaw Slanda
Billerica, Massachusetts
Lost Bridge in the Woods of Billerica.

I am a US Air Force veteran (with 23 years of active duty), who has been battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and now also prostate cancer. Art has always been a place where I am able to find escape and peace. In these 3 acrylic paintings I try to capture the beauty of light and shadow. All my paintings are based on photos I have taken while walking some distance away from my home in Billerica, Massachusetts.

Greenwood Farm #2.
Greenwood Farm #1.

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Last modified: February 21, 2023

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