Why You Need an Oncology Nurse Navigator on Your Care Team
Oncology nurse navigators guide patients with cancer through their entire journey, helping them to navigate the healthcare system, their treatment, and any barriers to care.
5 Questions to Ask Your Oncology Navigator
Breast CancerNavigators
Your nurse navigator will be with you through each phase of your treatment. Start your relationship by asking these questions.
The Role of Your Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator
NavigatorsBreast Cancer
Your nurse navigator is the key person on your healthcare team to connect with throughout the entire course of your experience. Here’s why.
Navigating the Complexities of Multiple Myeloma
Multiple MyelomaNavigators
Patients with multiple myeloma face many unique challenges and can significantly benefit from enlisting the help of a navigator.
Patient Perspective: Why Navigators Are Important
Yelak Biru says that nurse navigators are a critical component of the treatment team. Hear why.
Respect and Appreciation for Nurses and Navigators
Hero of HopeNavigators
Melissa Marshall shares the appreciation she feels for the navigators and nurses that supported her through her cancer journey.
How Navigators Support Their Patients
Sharon Gentry explains how nurse and patient navigators have a unique role in helping patients through their cancer journeys.
Coming Out Victorious
Danelle Johnston shares her experience providing care for a pregnant woman with breast cancer. She and her team helped the patient overcome her fear and anxiety and deliver a healthy baby.
Never Stop Asking Questions
Your navigator is there to answer all of your questions, no matter how big or small, and to keep you in control of your decisions, explains Sharon Gentry.
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