April 2017 Vol 3 No 2

Spring Forward
Issue Introductions
Welcome to the April 2017 issue of CONQUER. As we embark on spring, we also know that cancer takes no season off. No holiday. So as you are enjoying warmer weather, trees with buds, and the grass getting green, take your copy of CONQUER outside with you, get a comfy chair, and start reading. Let’s review some of the highlights in this issue.
Sex and Intimacy for Breast Cancer Survivors: During Treatment and Beyond
SurvivorshipSexuality & Cancer
Almost all women who have received treatment for breast cancer have a list of questions that they find difficult to ask during a clinical visit with their oncologist.
Working With Your Healthcare Team After Cancer Treatment
The Engaged Patient
Many people who have finished their cancer treatment often talk about how they did not feel prepared for the posttreatment phase of survivorship.
Managing the Cost of Cancer Treatment: The Value of Biosimilars
Financial Support
Drug development is an expensive and laborious process for drug companies, and involves conducting years of research in the lab, followed by years of clinical trials with patients, before a drug gets through the FDA review and approval (or rejection), and then onto the market.
Remembering Clint Cummings
In Memoriam
Clint Cummings, former owner of Dallas-area Sparrows Tattoo company, passed away in December 2016.
Understanding Follicular Lymphoma: An Uncommon Type of Blood Cancer
Follicular Lymphoma
This article offers a summary of follicular lymphoma, a type of slow-growing non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and discusses the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options for this disease.
10 Tips on How to Combat Malnutrition During Cancer Treatment and Beyond
Nutrition & CancerWellness Corner
When diagnosed with cancer, it is important to focus on your entire well-being in addition to treating the cancer. Part of focusing on overall health includes taking a deep look at nutrition. Here are 10 tips on how to combat malnutrition during cancer treatment.
The Light at the End of the Journey
Art Inspired
William and Penny Hamilton created this beautifully symbolic art piece, which celebrates their warm bond together and represents the various stages of dealing with a cancer diagnosis.
Coping with Cancer as a Nonbeliever
Cervical CancerPatient Stories
Read Erica Stum's thoughtful exploration of faith in relation to a cancer diagnosis.
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