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Surviving Pregnancy and Breast Cancer
BiomarkersBreast CancerSurvivorship
With her family history of cancers related to the BRCA mutation, Jamie Ledezma’s first pregnancy suddenly got very complicated when she learned she had triple-negative breast cancer.
Trodelvy New Therapy Approved for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Breast CancerFDA Approvals, News & Updates
In April, 2020, the FDA approved Trodelvy for the treatment of adults with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer after 2 or more previous therapies.
5 Questions to Ask Your Oncology Navigator
Breast CancerNavigators
Your nurse navigator will be with you through each phase of your treatment. Start your relationship by asking these questions.
Role of Biomarkers in Guiding Treatment for Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, but it is important to remember that men can also have breast cancer. Recent advances in therapy have led to the discovery of specific biologic markers (biomarkers) in cancer cells, which has further led to the development of drugs known as targeted therapies.
Tukysa Approved for Breast Cancer and HER2 Biomarker
Breast CancerFDA Approvals, News & Updates
Another drug approved by the FDA in April, Tukysa, a kinase inhibitor, is a new treatment option for the treatment of patients with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer.
Public Health Professional Turned Patient: The Lives We Save May Be Our Own
Breast CancerPatient Stories
Sheree Williams, PhD, is a health scientist with the CDC, but her background in public health did not prepare her for the unique challenges she faced as a black woman diagnosed with breast cancer, highlighting the social determinants of health.
Know What Your Doctor Knows About Metastatic Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming experience. This article provides answers to questions related to treatment options and finances. Being armed with knowledge can help you take control of your life.
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