April 2023 Vol 9 No 2

The Opening Note
A Note From Your Navigator
Meet Sharon Gentry, our newly appointed Editor-in-Chief, and welcome to Conquer: the journey informed!
Complementary Medicine and Cancer
Complementary Medicine
Many practices with ancient origins are helpful when applied with medical treatments, particularly in the treatment of cancer.
A Brief Guide to Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Approximately 7 of every 10 breast cancers are “HR-positive.” This guide will help explain the nuances of this diagnosis.
The Whole Picture
Imaging Tests
Scans are a necessary, and sometimes anxiety-provoking, part of oncology care.
Nutrition to Combat Fatigue
Nutrition & Cancer
There’s no simple solution to treat fatigue; instead, improving your energy level may require a few different strategies—nutrition is one of them.
Medical Marijuana and Cancer Care
Marijuana & Cancer
Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting can be a terrible problem for people in active chemotherapy. Medical marijuana may help.
Bites of Light
Art Inspired
Creative expression is uniquely part of the human experience. It is our pleasure to present this month’s Inspired Creation from this cancer survivor who found light in a dark place.
On Receiving Results of a Biopsy | Survivor Man
Art Inspired
What do a bear attack, a wolf attack, a bull moose, and cancer all have in common? Just ask this poet and Survivor Man, as one of his poems is aptly named.
The Best Gifts
A poignant essay on abandoning the role of “humorous patient” and acknowledging the need to grieve.

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