CONQUERing Myeloma™

Making Sure Your Treatment Team Stays Connected
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
Patient Advocates Jack Aiello and Nancy Kaufmann stress the importance of communication and share tips to stay in sync with the treatment team.
Taking an Active Role in Multiple Myeloma Treatment Decisions
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
The Institute of Medicine suggested that quality of cancer care improves when people who have been diagnosed with cancer share decisions related to their treatment.
Choosing an Oncologist to Lead Your Treatment Team: Who Treats Multiple Myeloma?
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
Take a look at the various medical professionals who assist in the treatment of multiple myeloma, from hematologists to specialists. Finding the right provider is a crucial step in the treatment process.
I’ve Been Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma—Now What?
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
Here is an overview of vital things to consider after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, from selecting your treatment team to understanding your insurance plan and costs.

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