June 2018 Vol 4 No 3

5 Legal Tips for Patients with Cancer and Survivors
Legal CornerSurvivorship
Learn about your legal rights regarding your health insurance or employment, including your right for a family leave related to cancer treatment, job security, and more.
Taking an Active Role in Multiple Myeloma Treatment Decisions
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
The Institute of Medicine suggested that quality of cancer care improves when people who have been diagnosed with cancer share decisions related to their treatment.
This Is What Lung Cancer Looks Like
Lung CancerPatient Stories
Hildy Grossman describes her struggle with the stigma linked to a lung cancer diagnosis and her work, through Upstage Lung Cancer and music, to educate the public about lung cancer.
Exciting Advances in the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
New therapies that are now available for people with this type of cancer have fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy and can improve survival and quality of life.
So Your Doc Is Suggesting a Transplant?
Multiple Myeloma
Jack Aiello, 23-year multiple myeloma survivor who had 3 transplants, describes what to expect from a transplant, telling patients to get second opinions before deciding to have a transplant.
Share Your Upcoming Milestone Events with Your Treatment Team
Breast CancerSurvivorship
For those dealing with metastatic breast cancer, national expert and breast cancer survivor Lillie Shockney stresses the importance of celebrating milestone events and joyful moments during treatment.
Art Inspired
Gina Stratton uses art as a therapy and distraction while living with cancer. Read her description about her painting of Maggie, her dog.
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