February 2015 Vol 1 No 1

Palliative Care Is not a “4-Letter Word”
From Your NavigatorPalliative CareSurvivorship
Early identification of the unwanted symptoms of cancer and of treatment helps to improve the quality of life of patients and increase their trust in the healthcare system.
Begin By Nurturing Yourself
Infusion of HopeSurvivorship
This column is written for survivors and their loved ones who are seeking information and inspiration, an infusion of hope.
I Am a Male Breast Cancer Survivor
Breast CancerPatient Stories
A stirring story by Jerry, a male breast cancer survivor from Blount County, Tennessee.
My Mother Is Getting Better
Breast CancerFamily MembersPatient Stories
Emily Silver, whose mother had bread cancer, recounts what it was like to experience cancer in the family from the perspective of a child.
Yoga and Cancer: The Healing Power of Yoga
Exercise & CancerStress ManagementSurvivorship
Yoga supports the mind, body, and spirit of patients with cancer and their caregivers during and beyond treatment. The practice of yoga cultivates physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects to enhance recovery and well-being.
What Is a Navigator?
From Your Navigator
You have just been diagnosed with cancer, and one of the first people you meet on your healthcare team is introduced as a navigator. “A what?” you think. “I need doctors, not a GPS!” But overtime, you will realize this person is a great guide.
Dealing with a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Prostate Cancer
Cancer is a family affair, whether we like it or not. When one is faced with a cancer diagnosis, family members (and friends) are also affected.
What You Need to Know About Cancer Genetics & Genomics
Genetics & Cancer
Everyone is familiar with the word “cancer.” But when cancer impacts you or your family, it takes on a whole new meaning, literally.
6 Strategies for Coping with Cancer
Heather Wright Renick, BSN, RN, CBPN-IC, provides 6 helpful suggestions to anyone looking for assistance in dealing with cancer.
Facing Our Mortality: End-of-Life Decisions
Book Reviews
This book, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande, MD, MPH, is a great starting point for patients and family members to initiate this difficult discussion.
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