August 2015 Vol 1 No 4

My New Perspective After Losing a Leg to Cancer
Pediatric CancerSarcomaSurvivorship
Overcoming body image issues and fitting in can be difficult for any teenager, but for Josh Morkert, the challenge became even greater after a life-altering surgery because of cancer.
Should I Get Tested? The Benefits and Risks of Genetic Testing
Genetics & Cancer
At the Women’s Survivors Alliance SURVIVORville 2015 meeting, Sara Lewis, MS, LCGC, Hereditary Cancer Clinic, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, discussed the key issues that arise before people pursue the option of genetic testing.
10 Ways to Get Engaged in Your Care
This column is intended to help you take control and stay engaged in your cancer care. By participating in decisions about your care, you will be able to get the greatest benefit from the health services you need.
Crafted Honesty: A Young Cancer Survivor's Dilemma
LymphomaPatient StoriesPediatric Cancer
To disclose or not to disclose having cancer, that is the question. Tonya Marie Pan, a survivor of stage III non-Hodgkin lymphoblastic lymphoma, shares insights into the difficulties of communicating with others as a patient with cancer.
Young Adults with Cancer at CancerCon
Patient StoriesPediatric Cancer
More than 600 young adults with cancer and cancer survivors attended this year’s CancerCon, the annual conference organized by Stupid Cancer, which took place on April 24-26, 2015, in Denver, CO. During the conference, young adult attendees shared with CONQUER their diverse journeys with cancer.
Leah’s Story: How One Girl with Melanoma Created a Platform
MelanomaPatient StoriesPediatric Cancer
Leah Valles, age 12, is an inspiration every day. After her hard battle with stage III melanoma, she decided that people just don’t know that skin cancer is deadly, that it can be prevented, and that it is the fastest growing cancer among teens and young adults.
How One Young Man’s Brain Tumor Launched a Movement: Matthew Zachary's Journey
Brain Cancer
Matthew Zachary was anticipating a career as a concert pianist and composer, hoping to emulate great composers. A diagnosis of brain cancer altered those plans, but launched a different dream so big that it inspired an entire youth movement.
Financial Challenges for Childhood Cancer Survivors
Financial SupportPediatric Cancer
Although the incidence of childhood cancer has been increasing over the past 30 years, advances in treatment have also led to increased survival rates.
Including the Patient Voice in Clinical Trials Design
Cancer ResearchClinical TrialsPatient Advocacy
The role of patients in clinical trials is slowly changing, but enlightening more pharmaceutical companies about the value of the patient’s perspective in designing clinical trials is still a challenge.
Mindfulness Meditation: Is It for You?
Stress ManagementSurvivorshipMeditation & Cancer
Dr. Paulette Mehta explains the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for coping with the stress and anxiety associated with being a patient with cancer or a survivor.
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