December 2017 Vol 3 No 6

A New Outlook for the New Year
Issue Introductions
Happy Holidays to you and your family! If you are in the midst of treatment, or recently completed treatment, you have already been dealing with a lot, and now the busiest time of the year just got busier for you.
Cancer Survivorship and the Holidays
Online OnlySurvivorshipThe Engaged Patient
Allison Harvey, MPH, CHES, and Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA, provide some insightful strategies to help you be present and kind to yourself during this holiday season.
You Never Think It’s Going to Happen to You
Head & Neck CancerPatient Stories
“As the CEO of a biotechnology company involved in cancer drugs development, I was familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer,” says Michael Becker, who was himself diagnosed with stage IV oropharyngeal cancer.
Dragon Boat Racing Keeps Lori Thriving After a Liver Cancer Diagnosis
Liver CancerPatient Stories
Lori Plutchak is part of a unique kind of cancer support group: the Team Survivor San Diego Sea Dragons boat racing team, which is made up of nearly 40 cancer survivors.
Run Your Race: What It  Means to Be a Care Partner
CaregiversProstate Cancer
Here is some valuable advice regarding being a care partner. Kristin Ainsworth learns that taking care of her husband, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, also requires her taking care of herself.
Managing Lymphedema Associated with Breast Cancer
Breast CancerSide-Effects Management
Andrea Brennan, a certified lymphedema therapist, sheds light on the challenges faced with lymphedema associated with breast cancer and debunks several myths about the disease.
Finding Empowerment Through a Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis
Multiple Myeloma
The majority of people diagnosed with multiple myeloma are age 60 or older; Ethan was only 22. Read about Ethan Hawes’ journey with multiple myeloma, which started with debilitating hip pain when he returned home from studying abroad.
3 Questions to Ask When Being Diagnosed with Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
Dr. Bruce Gershenhorn explores 3 questions patients should ask after learning they have lung cancer. Knowledge is power.
Online Communities: Reaching Out to Others from the Comfort of Your Home
Online communities and message boards are terrific options for patients with cancer and survivors to connect and chat with experts and other patients. Take a look at the role online communities serve for survivors in today’s digital world.
Blossoming Into Survivorship
“I have become an ally with fellow survivors, and have gained profound personal growth, which has ignited in me a passion to do the things I want to accomplish in life,” says Christine Magnus Moore, RN, BSN.
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