August 2023 Vol 9 No 4

Mike Peters, of the Welsh band The Alarm, and his wife Jules share their personal experiences with cancer, professional pursuits, and philanthropic endeavors.
Embracing Hope
Clinical Trials
Clinical trials offer new hope and the opportunity to receive innovative treatments not yet available to the general public.
Tomorrow’s Medicine, Today
Clinical Trials
Clinical trials may represent a first hope (not a last resort) when dealing with cancer.
Breakthroughs for All
Clinical Trials
Achieving health equity through diversity in clinical trials is an imperative to improving healthcare. Here’s how one company is contributing to that effort.
Observations From the Seventh Floor
An exploration of the author's thoughts and emotions during and after chemotherapy.
A National Proposal to  Support Caregivers
A Note From Your Navigator
Caregivers help implement the care plan at home. Support for these vital volunteers may be on the way.

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