2019 – CONQUERing Myeloma: Navigating Your Journey

In August 2017, Takeda Oncology assembled a roundtable meeting that included a distinguished panel of patients with multiple myeloma, caregivers, patient advocates, and nursing professionals. The roundtable meeting was convened to discuss the informational, logistical, and financial challenges faced by people with multiple myeloma and their caregivers, and to collaboratively identify actionable solutions that serve to improve the overall patient experience.

During the roundtable, panelists recommended development of a series of articles to support patients and caregivers, and enable better interpersonal dialogue with healthcare providers. The series, titled CONQUERing Myeloma: Navigating Your Journey, represents the culmination of those efforts.

The compendium features 5 key topics:

We hope you find CONQUERing Myeloma: Navigating Your Journey a valuable and useful resource in your efforts to learn about multiple myeloma and collaborate with your treatment team to decide on the course of care that best meets your individual needs.


I’ve Been Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma—Now What?
Multiple Myeloma

No one is ready for the initial shock that comes with a diagnosis of cancer. The feelings that accompany a cancer diagnosis may be difficult to imagine beforehand, challenging to process as you hear and attempt to accept the news, and impossible to appreciate fully if you are not the individual who has just been diagnosed.

Choosing an Oncologist to Lead Your Treatment Team: Who Treats Multiple Myeloma?
Multiple Myeloma

When you are first diagnosed with cancer, including multiple myeloma, you probably have many questions. You may ask: Do I have a multiple myeloma specialist close to my home? If not, am I able to travel? Should I consider participating in a clinical trial if I am eligible and my doctor recommends it?

Taking an Active Role in Multiple Myeloma Treatment Decisions
Multiple Myeloma

Since you were diagnosed with multiple myeloma, you have undoubtedly heard and read all kinds of advice about how you should be treated. Your friends, loved ones, and work colleagues—your support team—as well as your treatment team, which includes your doctors, nurses, social workers, navigators, and other professionals, have so much information and advice to share. They all want to help you choose the course of action that is right for you.

Making Sure Your Treatment Team Stays Connected
Multiple Myeloma

One of the many things that you probably did after receiving a diagnosis of multiple myeloma was to select a doctor and care team. They helped you to learn about multiple myeloma and how to navigate the complexities of treatment decision-making.

Financial Planning Considerations for Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma

After the shock of being diagnosed with multiple myeloma wore off, you have learned a new “language” related to cancer and multiple myeloma care, you have likely read and talked about treatment options, and you may have already started treatment. You may have also joined a support group.

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