Conquering The Multiple Myeloma Continuum Series One

Advances in Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Issue IntroductionsMultiple Myeloma
This special feature provides information for patients about oral medications for the treatment of multiple myeloma.
Opportunities for Improving the Care of Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
This article summarizes the views of the patients regarding their experiences with current treatments and other issues related to cancer care.
Oral Therapies in Multiple Myeloma: Working with Your Oncology Care Team for Best Outcomes
Multiple Myeloma
Over the past 10 years, treatment options for patients with multiple myeloma have increased dramatically. These advances have resulted in improved survival rates for patients and an increased focus on the patient’s quality of life that have fueled the important development and use of oral treatments in recent years, a trend that is expected to continue.
Patient Perspective: Critical Factors in Improving Patients’ Adherence to Oral Medications
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Now more than ever, patients with multiple myeloma have unprecedented numbers of treatment options to choose from for their deadly plasma-cell neoplastic diseases.
Nurse Navigator Perspective: The Patient’s Role in Adhering to Oral Therapies
Multiple Myeloma
Instead of receiving cancer treatments in a hospital or outpatient setting, many patients are now being treated in the comfort of their own home with oral pills that they administer themselves.

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