Conquering The Multiple Myeloma Continuum Series Two

Caregivers Can Help Patients Take Their Oral Oncolytics as Prescribed
Issue IntroductionsMultiple Myeloma
For decades, cancer treatment for patients with multiple myeloma meant going to facilities that provide intravenous infusion therapies. Although these therapies are beneficial from a treatment perspective, traveling to facilities to receive them steals away valuable time that patients and their loved ones may prefer to spend at home or visiting friends.
The Role of Caregivers in Ensuring Patient Adherence to Oral Oncolytic Therapy
CaregiversMultiple Myeloma
This article outlines the role of caregivers in ensuring that patients adhere to their oral treatment regimen for multiple myeloma to achieve the best outcomes.
Nurse Navigator Perspective: Caregivers Can Help Loved Ones Follow Multiple Myeloma Treatment Plans
Multiple Myeloma
Beverly was stunned after learning that her husband Jim had multiple myeloma. She had many questions, such as, What is multiple myeloma? How is it treated? How can I help?
Patient Perspective: Patient Preference for Oral Therapy and Importance of Caregivers in Ensuring Adherence
Multiple Myeloma
Patients prefer oral oncolytic therapies because of their ease of administration, which involves swallowing a pill versus prodding for stubborn veins. When patients are prescribed oral therapy, they will likely spend less time at the clinic and more time doing what they want to do.

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