September 2019 Volume 5 – Women's Health

A Nurturing Approach to Empowerment
Issue Introductions
A cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult trials anyone can face in life. In many cases, a diagnosis causes the diagnosed to rethink personal priorities.
The Power of the Positive Shift
Stress Management
People who go through life with a positive outlook have better health in part because they experience less stress.
Go the the Beach! And Other Lessons from A Journey of Courage and Hope Retreat
Support Services
The retreat is designed for metastatic breast cancer patients and their caregivers to get away from the daily routines and responsibilities.
Do I Have Bone Cancer, Lung Cancer, or Breast Cancer?
Metastatic Breast Cancer
If you have been told you have metastatic breast cancer, make sure you understand what that means. Where did the cancer travel?
Why Target the Immune System?
The immune system attacks foreign substances by making large numbers of antibodies. These are proteins that attach to a specific protein on the cell called an antigen.
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