Hero of Hope

No You Cant'cer (Ballad Arrangment)
Art TherapyHero of Hope
2017 Hero of Hope Patient Award winner Melissa Marshall wrote the song “No You Cant’cer” as a way to help her cope with her colon cancer diagnosis. As a performer, she was inspired to use music as a creative outlet to tell her cancer that it was not going to get the best of her and to help empower other people going through the same difficult journey.
Respect and Appreciation for Nurses and Navigators
Hero of HopeNavigators
Melissa Marshall shares the appreciation she feels for the navigators and nurses that supported her through her cancer journey.
Misconceptions About Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal CancerHero of Hope
Melissa Marshall aims to correct common misconceptions people have about colorectal cancer and ostomy bags and hopes to empower other colorectal cancer survivors to overcome any shame they may feel.
Empowerment Through Art and Music
Art TherapyHero of HopePatient Stories
Melissa Marshall found comfort and inspiration to help herself and others cope with cancer through both art and music.
How You Can Help a Family Member Who Has Cancer
Family MembersHero of Hope
2017 Hero of Hope Patient Award winner Melissa Marshall offers advice that she believes will help the families and loved ones of people with cancer cope with the difficult journeys that come with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Learn What Your Cancer is About
Hero of Hope
2017 Hero of Hope Patient Award winner Melissa Marshall shares some advice that she believes will help fellow survivors.
Humbled to Win the Hero of Hope Patient Award
Hero of Hope
Melissa Marshall describes her feelings immediately after discovering she won the 2017 Hero of Hope Patient Award.
Hero of Hope Finalists
Hero of Hope
These 4 finalists were selected from your nominations for the Third Annual Hero of Hope™ Patient Award.
Top Tips for Patients with Cancer From a Cancer Survivor
Hero of Hope
2016 Hero of Hope Award winner and cancer survivor Maryann Wahmann has some excellent tips for patients with cancer, including being your own advocate and bringing someone with you to appointments.
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