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The Body I Need

Sharon Chappell expresses her experience with breast cancer through typography, art, and poetry.
October 2018 Vol 4 No 5
Sharon Chappell, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education, California State University Fullerton
The Body I Need by Sharon Chappell

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2017 and completed the treatment in September 2018. I have been writing poetry and hand lettering empowering sayings (as in these examples) about my experience with cancer.

I first experienced cancer at age 7, when my father was diagnosed with lymphoma, which led to a lifelong of chronic illnesses until his death from brain cancer 3 days after my cancer diagnosis. I’ve also written a book, The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! (, about a family affected by cancer, and an imaginary friend who helps them through treatment.

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